Filed by Samuel"Predator" Zentner
Fort San Miguel, Monterey
AAR: This was a Marauder against Marauder game

It was about 0730hrs on Sunday September 13, 1998
Maj.D.Saster had just arrived at the field. It was not his standard procedure to arrive at the field quite this early, but he knew there was a chance that Predator might not arrive until after noon and he wanted to get set up and have time to sit back and relax.

Renegade and Mrs. Renegade checked in, but they could not stay as they had other places to be that day. There would be no Mama'Sans Kitchen. Brutal Bob drove in bringing the soon to be Mrs. Brutal and Steven. They were followed by Sandman, and then Brain and Brain's friend Joe.

We all sat around for awhile wondering what kind of turnout we were going to have for the day when Druid showed up. And then to everyone's surprise, Predator unexpectedly came rolling in somewhat earlier than anticipated! Eventually a total of ten players made it to the field over the course of the day. Sometime in the afternoon Landon, a local independent player, showed up to even out the player count at five against five.

Filed by Michael G. Shanks
Fort San Miguel - August 29, 1998
AAR: This was a Marauder against Marauder game.

Sunday August 29, 1998 was a slow day at Fort San Miguel compared to our average combat day. The turnout of players was light and even many of the Marauders were absent. Most notably absent was Wizard and the 4th Squad regulars such as Brain and the recently returned Doc.

Wizard usually brings a stock of paintballs from the supply depot. When the question of ammo came up for a few people, Commander McBragg resolved the problem by jumping into his truck and going on a supply mission to J&S Surplus.

The Opposition Force for the day was made up of Brutal-Bob's stepson Steven, Brain's "pinch-hitter" Joe and Aaron, who is from Washington and started coming out to our field during the summer. Bob and his son Bob arrived and a few of the guys from the paintball team, S.C. DoggPound showed up. Other arrivals were Bruce and a handful of local players who know where they can find a good game every other Sunday!

Filed by Samuel Zentner
Fort Ord, Monterey
AAR: Ord - The First Trip

If we tried this in 1942 we would have been shot as spies. It was planned as a clandestine operation from the onset. That meant that we would have to enter Fort Ord without being seen. Thanks to the 1st squad having to gas-up(C02) on sight before we entered, we were pinpointed and detained by an agent of the Department of the Interior. After a short interrogation, we were allowed to pass. The agent's main concern was if we had any firearms. But since we had all our hardware (pneumatic paint throwers) hidden in our kit she did not register an alarm.

The patrol was not easy. Everything that we needed had to be carried in. Gas, Balls, and Beverage. Wizard stayed behind and guided the uninitiated First Squad to he machine gun range that would be the game field. The trail was long. When we finally crossed the nearly one mile to get to the location, we climbed the last long grade to see a beautiful sight; acres and acres of top quality game field. An Army Corps of Engineers type of course that went forever. see photos Fort Ord

Filed by Dallion 7th
BLACK FOREST- March 6, 2005
AAR: First Amphibious Assault

Marauders are known for executing outlandish grueling battle maneuvers. In the winter months you may find them crawling along muddy riverbanks and stepping over and under trees, limbs, branches, and rocks. They cross mud silt ponds. They have waded through chest  deep cold river waters; carrying their guns overhead, silent and unseen. All for the enjoyment of an ultimate surprise attack. Today one would don a wetsuit and swim down the Parjaro River.

 It was the first week of March, and it seemed that the last of the heavy winter storms had finally ceased. The sun had begun to burn through the early morning clouds, and low lying mist. On this day all those who had arrived at the Island were mostly  Marauder Regulars.

Filed by Michael G. Shanks

Gilroy, CA
AAR: Christmas Hill - The First Trip

Christmas Hill in Gilroy, Ca. is a small square of land bordered by a road along one side and flat farm fields on the other three. Within this geographic postage stamp, the terrain rises into a small knoll. The high ground runs as a low ridge from the right corner of the road frontage and runs diagonally towards the center of the field. Rising slightly to a high point a little more than halfway across with the hillsides falling away gradually around the sides and slightly steep on the backside down to the level of the farm fields.

There’s an old wood and cinderblock building at the right rear corner of the field that looks as though it was bombed, shelled and fought over more than once.

With the exception of a small clump of trees and bushes along the right property border, there is not a great deal of brush cover. There is a scattering of individual trees, some of which are quite large and there are some artificial fortifications constructed out of brush, branches, tree limbs and anything that could be used in a hedgehog type of defense. There are also a number of rocky outcroppings and various dips and rolls in the ground that create some interesting breaks in the lines of sight. There’s even a couple of "fox-holes" here and there. This field is being great for short, fast paced squad action games.