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Battle Report

Filed by Charles Evans,
Oroville Feb 6,7,8, 2009
AAR: Malice in Bunker Land

It's Thursday morning, and Shadowhawk is fully prepared to make the long drive to Oroville, CA and the Combat Zone, for the TAW scenario event. Trailer in tow with the Guilty Pleasure Marauder tank. Following would be myself bringing Rasputin, an Ops force player for his first scenario event. Joining us would also be a Marauder recruit, Collateral
I showed up with high anticipation of being able to play with Team Jolt, who were 11 strong at my count. Then we Marauders had the following player attendance list of thirteen. One of which is an Ops force player, and one guest. MiniShadow. Havok, Redball, Pindar, Thermos, Shadowhawk, Virus, Big Dog, Little Dog, Sir Killalot, Rasputin, Killa Ranza, Collateral, and MiniShadow. Friday, I moved to make sure all my gear was staged and ready to go, new lens installed, that night, and made sure my gun, barrel plug, hopper, and gloves were ready to go in a second's notice. I just needed to get my paint and ID badge and to chrono at 285 fps. My gun was shooting just at 284 at the top side. I was good to go.

- Well we jumped into Guilty Pleasure and headed out. Since Shadowhawk took Chris'( AKA Snapshot from paintball x 3 for ride in the stealth tank to catch some video), I took Rasputin out in it for his first time. Quickly tagging in with the tank at our CP, we made a S line to the enemy's forward lines and took a high position by driving Guilty Pleasure to the top of the highest dirt mound. Just then at the peak, two of Mad Hatters' crew approached a rock and shot at us pierced through the small open gap bouncing the nerf right off my knee. The ref's yell out "disabled tank!" The tank needs two nerf rockets hits to take it out, they only had one. This would disable the tank for 15 minutes. I open the gun port flap for better vision while instructing the first time scenario player and new-to-paintball Rasputin to shoot anything that has yellow arm bands. His gun starting ringing out. He nailed a few of the Stonecutterz that were in his gun sights. Meanwhile I was closing off two approaching paths from long distance with double shots first for effect second to let 'em know that's as far as they get! The collection of players at my far left closing point were working. They now needed to sweep over to get out of the controlled space we owned. This went on for a full 15 minutes.

Then we were back in and mobile, as the tank was now underway. We pressed quickly forward shooting a few players out, before two more well-placed rockets took us out completely. We headed back for repair and a quick tag in, driving the tank far east from out previous position. We took the outer tape boarder line we and then pressed the south east flank, driving up unnoticed, to their immediate side flank at their main CP. With the motor off, flaps open for better view, My Quest rang out one shot at a time, sending balls to players backs, and sides as no one was looking our way. One player moved around and yelled at his own player for shooting him! When it was me sending long balls out there at them! When he quickly figured it out, I dialed in on his mask to let him know he was out. Our troops approached and over-ran the Mad Hatters' base. A full reset was called. We headed back to the Marauders' camp, reloaded and revived with some much needed water. The Marauders were going out again, basically Marauders were everywhere.