The Marauders Opposition Force

Since this is the Marauders Second Division, OP-Force guys wear the patch of the 2nd Division. The "Indianhead" patch is one of the most recognized unit emblems in the U.S. Army.
Oddly enough, the patch was designed to distinguish Marines from their counterparts in WWI. A black shield with one five-pointed star and an Indian head with full war bonnet was selected. It is said that the black was for mourning and respect for their casualties, the shield for defense, and the star for the Second Division Commander, Brigadier General John A. Lejeune, and the Indian for General Lejeune's nickname "Old Indian." The army liked it and adopted the current form in WWII.

The Marauders Opposition Force is the true key to the good games and the high level of sportsmanship found on Marauder fields.

PATCH-WEARING MEMBERS OF THE OP-FORCE.Left to Right- Sergio SPN3, DeathRow, Red Halo (Giovoni), Sebastian, and George.

The Op-force always has at least one member present so they get the FIVE STAR BATTLE AWARD  for great leadership, sportsmanship, and outstanding attendance
Op-Force players who wear one of the 10 original Star and Indian patches should email Sgt.Maj.Predator  and let him put you on this list.
 It is with great sadness that I have to report that Op player Death Row has passed away.  He will be missed by all who played with him.


More content to follow as field reports are submitted