The Marauders style of play is called "Woodsball" and yes, fought in the woods, streams, forest, trenches and bunkers. We are also formidable in the art of "Urban Warfare". The early years of the Marauders the PB community called our style of play Gypsy Paintball while the mainstream focused on "speedball" which is played on flat and open terrain with barriers to hide behind. The difference in styles is huge.

Speedball is fun, easy to set up for and very fast in pace. How fast your gun can shoot and how fast you can scoot are what matter in this game. Woodsball is a whole different animal. You learn the art of maneuver thru terrain, concealment, camouflage, combined squad action and assault. 

Our early fields literally shaped the way we developed as a team and became the Marauders you see today. We would slip into the environment and play almost always worried that we would be discovered and captured by a LEO. When Predator formed up the Second Division we clandestinely  trained in Nisene Marks National Forest, Aptos CA know to us as Jurassic Park. We never build anything on the land and even hosted a 1st Division visit and epic battle between two Gypsy teams. We did not have many photos of this period but the attached are picture from inside Nisene Forest to give you an idea of the conditions

 Woodsball is born in NorCal

The most "Awesome" field I have ever played on.

Scale Perception

We would park on the side of this road and "Insert" down, down, down to the field.

Crossing a hiking / bike path on the way "down".


When you get to the bottom

During the battle with 1st Div. "Civilians" much like this picture (but entering from the right side) with 20+ Marauders below them in the foreground. The sharp call went out to "cease fire" and amazingly, all went quite. The two hikers stopped and called out is someone there. - No response! - they proceeded on the path and out of sight. After a minute break "battle on" was signaled.


Heartbreak ridge had less trees on the slope but close enough. The view up from "The Floor".


Top of Heartbreak Ridge called "The Plateau"


The Aptos Creek winds through the field.


This is where we learned about light channels.

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