Former home of the 7th Infantry Division. Monterey Bay, California.
When Fort Ord was closed by Congress, the US Army moved out and the Marauders moved in.


After the Army was gone and before the University moved in, Marauders executed several clandestine paintball operations while avoiding the Department of the Interior. We move a little over a mile from the nearest dropoff point to the machine gun/close assault course. Tanker looks over his shoulder as Maj. D. Saster and Pacman move out. An earlier patrol can barely be seen at the end of the path.

Ford Ord In
Tanker, Maj D Saster, PacMan


Marauders reach the last hill before the machine gun training course.

Fort Ord in3
From the top of the last hill you finally see the destination. A tiny piece of white roof is barely visible just to the left of the end of the path. That is where we usually set up the bivouac.

Fort Ord Setup
Widowmaker and Pacman set up as Doc and other Marauders can be seen in the background.

A report came in on the radio [ch 34] that one of the patrols had been spotted. We move into the brush and hacked out some space so we would not be seen; and maybe be asked to leave. Brain has his back to the camera while Wizard sits in front of PacMan. Widowmaker is sitting in the rear.

 The next three photos were first filmed on a video camera, shot with a still camera from the TV screen, and then scanned. Here is Maj. D Saster watching Fourth Squad with binoculars as he and Predator wait for a game to start. The date is the date the photo was taken from the TV, not the date of the game. 


Maj.D Saster watches fourth squad set up for the game with Predator in the background.

PacMan is in the foreground and Predator is on the end of the left side of the Skirmish line. He will continue to circle to out-flank the opposition line.


Here are two shots going off at the same time. The opposition was finally eliminated

The Tower
This tower was a great place to watch the games once you were eliminated. Here's a whole pile of Marauders enjoying the view.

Packing Out
Predator, Pacman, Maj. D.Saster, and Wizard are the last patrol out. All the gas, balls, and beverage had to be packed in. All the trash was packed out.

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