Filed by Samuel Zentner
In World War Two, one of the largest and most costly battles was the fight over Stalingrad. This Russian City, named after the ruthless leader, put up such a fight that it spelled the beginning of the end for the German Army on the Eastern Front. In the spring of 1942, the 6th Army under General Von Paulus consisted of nine infantry divisions, five panzer divisions, and four motorized divisions. A total of 300,000 men attempted to take the city. Stalingrad was a major shipping and production center on the Volga River. More than 2,000,000 people died in the battle. Only 30,000 soldiers of the German’s Sixth Army returned.

The Marauders Version
A really great field in Selma Ca.

It's a long drive to Selma CA and in the summer it's pretty hot as well. But the type of combat (urban) and the guys running the show at the winery make the drive worthwhile. We were in convoy as we pulled into the lot. There was a good crowd but not as large as our first trip. On the grounds, a lot of the dangerous stuff was cleaned up and carted off. They cut holes in the walls between the large rooms. It made the middle building more workable for attacks as well as defense. Behind the complex they built a Speedball course. It's in a pit so you can watch the game from above.

When the games began, we started out at the end closest to our bivouac. (start point A) I ran with 1st Squad down the catwalk on the second story of the closest building. We came immediately under fire from snipers in the tower. (Our own second squad we loaned the home team to even things out a little)

Selma CA

We made it to the end of the walkway then engaged the snipers. They did a good job staying back in the shadows a few feet behind the holes and windows. All we could see were balls flying out of the shadows. With 1st Squad fighting it out right over the vats on the second floor catwalk, the remaining Marauders were busy working the out- buildings as they charged out of the alley by the storage tanks. The boys on the catwalk did a fair job on the tower snipers; taking out three. But the snipers were quickly replaced by reinforcements and the balance of casualties left them holding the tower while I was cleaning the shot off my helmet back in the bivouac.

The Main Entrance - Start Point A   Tower on Lft. - Vats Catwalk Rgt.

The winery is a labyrinth of corners and holes filled with shadows

Its a place where surprise is in every turn. The home field advantage is evident in the fire angles you find yourself under just when you think your safe. Altitude is everything in Paintball, and the tower has a commanding view of the south side of the field. But because you can only deliver fire on the small office and the "vat building", the lower floor has to be held by additional troops. These troops can be called on to reinforce the tower as needed but if they are gone from the groundfloor, the attack troops can take the tower. The storage tanks on the far south side of the field have been the scene of some rather bitter fighting as the opponents try to outmaneuver each other on their circular tracks. Pure murder.

Storage tanks - Under the catwalk

As far as the out buildings are concerned, they seem to invite a close assault from any corner at any time. I have seen a few and we even have video of one pretty exciting assault. These attacks can be costly as many Marauders can attest. On one occasion I saw First and Second Division guys working together like they play together every weekend. They took the out buildings and swept the line all the way to start point B. They turned and attacked all three buildings at the same time. It was a great thing to watch. See photos and Map

The middle office building can be seen from the corner by the tanks.


The Tower from start point B